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Our Mission

The mission of Living Melodies® takes root in this simple phrase:

Music for everyday life,

music for a lifetime.


In other words, we strive to integrate music into daily aspects of life, thereby ensuring music’s inclusion throughout the lifespan specifically to improve health and well-being. We accomplish this through a variety of specialized services such as individualized music therapy sessions for functional, non-musical goals; adapted music lessons for individuals with disabilities; and digital courses and publications for both children and adults. As a community-based organization, we travel to client locations including private homes, residential care facilities, hospitals, etc. to provide all sessions and lessons.


Living Melodies® operates from the following 5 values. We serve others best by

  1. Continually developing more effective music therapy skills and resources, not just within our company but the music therapy community as a whole, by way of professional continuing education, student practicum placement, and internship supervision.

  2. Conducting ourselves in alignment with the best interests of the direct recipient of our services.

  3. Providing outstanding customer service that is a company-wide attitude and habit of treating others in general.

  4. Demonstrating integrity from new client acquisition to billing and every action in between.

  5. Bridging the gap between science and the arts with a research-directed approach to clinical music interventions.

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