Updated May 20, 2020

In situations of prolonged client isolation or precautions necessitated by a public health emergency such as during COVID-19 pandemic social distancing efforts, Living Melodies reserves the right to adapt the way services are provided in order to meet emerging and continued needs of clients while protecting the health and safety of clients and their families as well as Living Melodies staff members. Living Melodies may offer delivery of telehealth services combined with monthly instrument and equipment drop-off and pick-up in addition to restricting face-to-face services to the Living Melodies office location only.
"Clean" = items disinfected before/after placement in client home or use by client
"Used" = items that have not yet been disinfected after placement in client home or use by client

Instrument Exchange Drop-Off & Pick-Up Services

Effective Date: May 20, 2020

This service is offered only in conjunction with telehealth sessions to provide instruments, equipment, and props to be used during these sessions with supervision by a responsible adult, parent, or guardian if applicable. The following protocols outline infection control steps to be taken to minimize the risk of exposure of communicable diseases to clients, their families, and Living Melodies staff members.

Instrument Box Drop-Off Protocols:

  1. Weather resistant box containing items for sessions will be left at mutually agreed upon location outside of the household to avoid encounter between household and music therapist. Once dropped off, music therapist will send email notice of the delivery and list of items in the box. If household is unable to retrieve the box within 8 hours, an email reply should be sent to alert the music therapist to pick up the box and re-schedule delivery.

  2. Box exterior will be disinfected with product approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a final time when placed at designated drop-off location.

  3. Music therapist will sanitize hands before re-entering vehicle.

  4. Instruments, props, and equipment in the box as well as box interior will have been properly disinfected according to EPA-approved product label. Household may use items as instructed during telehealth sessions for that month. Household does not need to clean or disinfect items prior to pick-up at the end of the month's use.

  5. Boxes containing used items will not be transported in vehicle at the same time as boxes containing clean items. Instrument box drop-offs and pick-ups will be made during two separate trips.

Instrument Box Pick-Up Protocols:

  1. A pick-up day and approximate time for box dop-off will be arranged during the last session of the month. A reminder email will be sent the day before a scheduled pick-up with a list of items that should be returned with the box.

  2. Box should be closed securely and placed in designated location outside of the household (preferably the same as the drop-off location) before the anticipated pick-up time.

  3. Box will be disinfected with EPA-approved product prior to music therapist placing it in transport vehicle.

  4. At Living Melodies location, used items as well as interior and exterior of box will be disinfected with EPA-approved product. Working surfaces will also be disinfected before and after disinfecting box and items inside.

  5. Barriers placed in car to separate instrument boxes from car interior will be removed and disinfected before placing back in car for next delivery of clean boxes.

  6. Music therapist will wash hands before disinfection of any items; wear gloves and mask during disinfection process; and wash hands again after disinfection is complete and gloves have been properly removed and discarded.

  7. Clean items will be packed into clean box with clean hands and placed in vehicle for delivery.

Safety Policies and Procedures for Communicable Disease Exposure

Addendum 1: Temporary Protocol Changes Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

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