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Listening activity for the entire family, from children to adults with lyrical hints to identify the animal depicted in instrumental music. Age 12+. Sign up for FREE trial!

Carnival of the Animals

Identify the Animal Created by the Music

Time: ≤ 20 mins.

Match-Maker Wix Pic.png

Dancing Match-Maker

Dancer & Song Matching Game

Time: ≤ 45 mins.

I Hear with My Little Ear Cover Pic (C).

I Hear with My Little Ear...

Find-the-Song-Lyric Game

Time: ≤ 40 mins.

Printable coloring sheet & scavenger hunt for musical items hidden in modern art for children and adults. Age 10+. Sign up for FREE trial!

Musical Art Scavenger Hunt

Hidden Object & Coloring Sheet

Time: ≤ 60 mins.

Picture This Song Title Cover Pic (C).pn

Picture This Song Title

Visual Name-that-Tune Challenge

Time: ≤ 40 mins.

Song Title Scramble Wix Pic.png

Song Title Scramble

Word-Sequencing Game Fashioned after Scrabble®

Time: ≤ 20 mins.

A Spring Story in Song Cover Pic.png

A Spring Story in Song

Find the Hidden Song Title Storytelling

Time: ≤ 50 mins.

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