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Music Amusement Park

Happy and healthy families play together regularly. Yup! Adults and teens, too. What's more, children and parents learn how to effectively communicate with and understand one another, work as a team to solve problems, let go of stress and anxiety, and build trust. Children perceive meaningful, interactive time spent with their parents as a form of affection that establishes confidence, strengthens resilience in the face of challenges, and shapes their personalities. Play also serves the particularly important purpose of reinforcing budding academic, motor, and social skills in children. Furthermore, spending time together prevents teenagers from resorting to troublesome behaviors. Investing in family playtime benefits parents as well by reducing stress and anxiety. Pack even more stress-relieving goodness into your quality time by squeezing in a laugh or two.

The Music Amusement Park inspires fun and anticipation of family playtime with musical games, crafts, creative writing, playlists, ebooks, learning tools, relaxation exercises, and more. Inside the members area, parents and their children (from preschoolers to teenagers) enjoy a balance of on- and off-screen activities. We even added a section geared toward elder adults.

New music activities created weekly by a board-certified music therapist!


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