Musical Ebooks


A  sing-a-long alphabet ebook for children plus writing practice worksheets. Ages 3-6. Sign up for FREE trial!

A is for Apples

Bonus: Practice Writing Worksheets
Age 3-6+

A musical ebook to teach children same vs different skill plus card game. Age 3+. Sign up for FREE trial!

Butterfly, Butterfly

Bonus: Butterfly Card Game
Age 3+

An illustrated musical folktale from Russia for children plus finger puppet craft. Age 3+. Sign up for FREE trial!

The Hungry Wolf

Bonus: Finger Puppet Craft
Age 3-8+

Visual and musical guide to birding for children with bonus picture/call quizzes. Age 8+. Sign up for FREE trial!

Little Bird, Sing for Me

Bonus: Bird Picture and Call Quizzes
Age 8+

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